Cirque Noir

Cirque Noir started as an underground techno party in houston and has grown to be one of the largest and most beloved local parties known for exotically costumed dancers and live PA acts.

Schaeffer Creative was contacted to re-imagine the visual production of the event into a brand identity that furthered the dark circus theme.

I decided to go with a flat design instead of adding extrusion or layering to the facade so that I could have a more even surface for projection of custom 3D cloth simulation animation completed in cinema4D.

the downstage truss facade is complemented by a rear projection screen. the combination of rear and front projection allowed me to create depth onstage without compromising focus or projecting on the artist.

the rear projection screen is able to be substituted for a translucent scrim for venues where VIP must be placed behind the stage. the result is an uninterrupted and immersive experience for the VIP guests backstage.

extra credits:

Aaron Lodbell  - CNC fabrication

Brik Smith - second VJ