Dragonfly Stage

Schaeffer Creative joined forces with Datagrama and Art Scene Alliance to provide sculptural stage design and 3d mapped visuals for the dragonfly stage at euphoria festival 2016 and 2017

I assumed the role of lead video engineer and media servers programmer. I designed a standard content template in Cinema4D with camera and UVs prepared for export to touchdesigner for use by the animation team. Resolume VJ software was selected for its perform-ability and familiarity but since Resolume does not support UV mesh import, I needed to make a custom warping, masking, and compositing system in Touchdesigner that is fed by four spout senders in Resolume for addressing different parts of the stage

Touchdesigner 099 release in 2017 opened up new possibilities for real time rendering of the dragonfly using substance materials and environmental lighting.

the final step was 2d real-time mapping effects that affected each sub component of the dragonfly individually. individual triangles or pyramids of the dragonfly were able to be outlined, stroked, strobed, recolored, and feedbacked,