4 installations created in association with Onpixel and Audio Visual Resource Group for Google Grace Hopper 2018

my contribution in order of appearance:

LED wall hallway:
glsl particles in processing, kinect scaling and stitching in touchdesigner
sensor specification and placement
(LED wall and rigging from Onpixel)

LED bars and mirrors:
3d printed clip to hold mirror to LED bars
laser cut mirrors design
overall layout, rigging plan, wiring plan, plastic material sourcing
sensor specification
led mapping in resolume, interactive kinect feedback in touchdesigner
(LED Bars provided by Onpixel, Laser cutting by fifth world collective)

symantris kiosk:
LED strip cutting / wiring / soldering
plug and play LED system with extenstion wires.
LED animation
(actual game developed by google , kiosk AV handled by AVRG)

Laser pong:
physics in processing, kinect handling and game logic in touchdesigner, laser output in touchdesigner with 2x etherdream acting as one screen.
overall layout, rigging plan, wiring plan, screen material sourcing
projector and lens specification
laser projector and lens specification
sensor specification