Noise Floor

I was brought in by Brooklyn creative technology studio daveandgabe to lead the lighting side of a touring experiential marketing campaign for MTV.

the noise floor was a xxx square foot dancefloor and wall made of modular plug and play sections and embedded with 54 pressure sensors controlling lighting animation on 14000 LEDS and samples and synthesizers on a spatial audio system.

Dave and Gabe created a striking isometric design of diffuse led inlay and diffraction grated matrixes. I was tasked with designing an LED layout that used some but not all of the availible diamond edges to create a design that would allow us to assemble the modular 4x8 shapes into different arrangements to fit different rental tent sizes.

I created a system of 4 visual connectivity points shared by each panel where the LED appears to flow from panel to panel despite individual wiring of each panel. this allowed the panel layout to be infinitely reconfigurable

we synchronized the audio, lighting, and interactive aspects by implementing OSC connection between Max/MSP and Touchdesigner. the touchdesigner PC was fed with info on the sensors, tempo, and automations drawn by dave and gabe on null tracks in ableton for tight sequencing of the animation during breaks and builds.

all touchdesigner lighting programming provided by Schaeffer Creative

extra credits:

gamma digital fabrication - physical construction , CNC

Lucas Morgan - LED mapping support