The spires were a large art piece produced by Crash Alchemy that toured transformational festivals in 2015-2016.

the spires were internally lit with individually addressable LED strip causing them to appear to emit energy through the CNC cutuouts of the sculptural wood. 

after multiple iterations on the interactivity we developed an interactive platform that had 4 backlit etched acrylic pads that descirbed the body motions that must be undertaken by the user to activate the spires in that mode. players could change the mode by moving between these four pads.

this served to focus the participants experience and remove ambiguity about where and how people were supposed to interact , as well as allowing them to pilot themselves through the various modes.

full breakdown of each mode at the end of the video

earlier version of the interactive station using arduino and ultrasonic sensors

final interactive station with kinect and mode pads