zyn22 cycling studio contacted Schaeffer Creative to imagine a lighting system that provide a energetic night club like environment to pump up the cyclists for their workout.

DMX pixel wash bars run the entire perimeter of the room allowing for high resolution recoloring of the walls. LED pixel tape is run along the arc of each raised cycling area enhancing the architectural lines while providing safety and eye candy , LED moving heads were selected because they provided versatility to use as instructor wash as well as additional movement.


A heavy focus on music and BPM during workouts made a great match for audio reactive effects and BPM synced waveform to automatically keep the lights in pace with the class.

the automated functions are paired with a wireless midi controller mounted to the instructors bike for manual operation if desired.

the motion sensors in the controller allowed the instructors to make a direct connection between their body movement and the lighting the system by holding the controller as if it were a hand weight during upper body workouts 

Schaeffer creative worked closely with architects, contractors, sound engineers, and instructors, to ensure the lighting system would offer a musical , dynamic, and unique experience for the riders.

360 video, click and drag to look around